Three NASCAR Jets

NASCAR Corporate Jet Fleet

These 3 jets are part of the NASCAR / International Speedway corporate fleet. The 2 jets were spotted departing Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field On July 30, 2009.

NASCAR has other aircraft but these are executive class business jets that the top brass fly on. It must have been a pretty important meeting to have these 3 jets in service.

  • N100R is a 2008 Hawker Beechcraft 900XP.
  • N300R is a 2004 Raytheon 400A.
  • N500R is a 2002 Dassault Falcon 50.

These jets are registered to Real Air Leasing, a NASCAR related company headquartered at 1801 International Speedway Boulevard., Daytona Beach, Florida.




Photos courtesy Mike Day

N500RH in Arkansas

Rick Hendrick’s N500RH in Batesville, Arkansas

Here is Rick Hendrick’s Gulfstream V in Batesville, Arkansas for Mark Martin’s Fan Appreciation Days. The jet is pictured here sitting on the ramp at Batesville Regional Airport.



Photos Courtesy Cindy Goldberg

Kevin Harvick Jet Tail

N229KD Kevin Harvick’s Learjet 31A


1997 Learjet

Here’s a close-up photo of the tail section on Kevin and Delana Harvick’s Learjet 31A. Kevin and Delana have one of the best paint schemes of any jet in the NASCAR Air Force. The Gold, red and black stripes really make this Lear stand out.

The 31A is a smaller jet than Earnhardt’s Learjet 60, but a small jet is much more versatile. It can land at smaller airfields, and it can be operated for less money.

Details and photos of N229KD

Video of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s LearJet

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Learjet on Video

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Lear 60 climbs quickly skyward after takeoff from Tara Field at Clayton County Airport near Atlanta Motor Speedway.

This jet is fast! Notice how quickly it rolls down the runway, and how fast it gains altitude. That’s because this corporate jet is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW 300 turbofan jet engines that produce 5,200 lbs. of thrust each.

N8JR is a 1996 Learjet 60. A jet like this normally sells for $6 to $7 million on the used aircraft market.

The airplane still carries the N8JR tail number. Many people thought it would have been changed, but that is one No. 8 that Teresa doesn’t own.

Photos and details of N8JR

Jets Departing Tara Field

Who Says You Miss All the Traffic by Flying to the Race Track?


They’re lined up nose to tail and no one is going anywhere.

No, it’s not US 19-41 after the race. This traffic is waiting to take off at Clayton County Airport – Tara Field after the Sprint Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

At two departures per minute it will take a while to get all these planes in the air.

This is still one of the most convenient airports on the circuit. It’s just a short walk from victory lane to the jet, unlike Dover and New Hampshire where drivers usually take a helicopter to the airport.


Tara Field is known as FAA identifier 4A7.

The little airport normally sees a little over 100 aircraft per day – but on race day that number can easily top 600. Only 4 jets are based at the airport, but you wouldn’t think so by looking at these pictures.

Jet A and 100LL aviation fuel is available at the airport, along with an FBO that provides major airframe and powerplant service.

The 4,503 ft. runway can handle a Lear 60 with ease, but is a little short for a Gulfstream V. The runway is lighted dusk to dawn. There is no landing fee at this municipally owned airport, but parking fees are assessed whenever the NASCAR jets are in town.

Learjet N8JR at Tara Field

N8JR on the Ramp at Tara Field


Here’s a photo of N8JR parked on the ramp at Tara Field in Hampton Georgia. This Learjet is registered to JRM Air in Cleveland, North Carolina — a Dale Earnhardt Jr. company.

He flies in this corporate jet to NASCAR events and for business travel.

See more photos and details here

Photo courtesy Josh Frizzell

Lerajet 60 Photo

N8JR: Learjet 60

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Learjet 60


Here’s a photo of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Learjet 60 before it received a new paint scheme.

The aircraft looks a lot different now. Here’s a photo of what it looks like now, along with details and specifications on the Lear 60.

Photo courtesy Alex MaMahon

NASCAR Jets Grounded

NASCAR race teams hoping to return to North Carolina following Sunday’s race in Las Vegas were unable to fly home immediately after the race due to a snowstorm in North Carolina.

The heavy snow kept private jets parked in Las Vegas. I suppose there is a worse place to be stranded.

The FAA has issued a ground stop for Charlotte Douglas Airport which has halted all incoming traffic.

Snow has also affected private plane traffic coming in to Concord Airport and Statesville Airport.

Learjet 85 Sneak Peek

A Look Inside the New Learjet 85

Here’s an inside look at the new Learjet 85, the long range business jet from Bombardier.

It’s a long range jet that can fly from Teterboro Airport just across the Hudson River from Manhattan to Los Angeles in just 5 hours 43 minutes. The airplane can fly 3,000 miles with 4 passengers on board.

High speed cruise on the Learjet 85 is Mach 0.82 – which is identical to Gulfstream’s G150.

Bombardier plans to release the new Learjet 85 1n 2012. It’s a longer and wider jet than the Learjet 60 with an all composite fuselage.

The Learjet 85 seats 8 comfortably plus a crew of 2.

It’s powered by twin Pratt and Whitney PW307B turbo-fan engines that produce 6,100 lb/ft of thrust each.

Watch the video to see the Learjet 85 up close.

NASCAR Jets on the Taxiway

Jets Prepare for Takeoff


These jets look like they’re lined up and ready to take the green flag. This is part of the post-race traffic at Jackson County Airport in Michigan.

The airport sees as many as 600 aircraft on race day.

Photo courtesy Woody Harrington