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N100BL Learjet 31A

Bobby Labonte’s N100BL Learjet 31A The Learjet 31A is an extremely versatile corporate jet that normally seats 6 passengers and one or two crew members. The jet is pictured here sitting at Jackson County Airport in Michigan awaiting departure. It’s a fast jet that cruises at 596 mph at an altitude of 45,000 feet. The [...]

Cessna Citation III N119ES

N119ES is Elliott Sadler’s Jet It’s a 1990 Cessna Citation III Turbo-fan jet registered to Elliott Sadler Enterprises in Emporia, Virginia. The airplane is shown here preparing to depart Michigan’s Jackson County Airport following the NASCAR race. This jet was once the executive jet for First Tennessee Bank before Sadler acquired it in February 2007 [...]

Michigan Helicopters

Helicopters Ready To Go A fleet of helicopters prepares to leave after spending the day ferrying NASCAR drivers between Michigan International Speedway and Jackson County Airport in Jackson, Michigan. Some speedways like Atlanta, Talladega and Daytona have airports that are practically in the parking lot. Others, like Michigan, rely on helicopters to get drivers and [...]