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Learjet 85 Sneak Peek

A Look Inside the New Learjet 85 Here’s an inside look at the new Learjet 85, the long range business jet from Bombardier. It’s a long range jet that can fly from Teterboro Airport just across the Hudson River from Manhattan to Los Angeles in just 5 hours 43 minutes. The airplane can fly 3,000 [...]

NASCAR Jets on the Taxiway

Jets Prepare for Takeoff These jets look like they’re lined up and ready to take the green flag. This is part of the post-race traffic at Jackson County Airport in Michigan. The airport sees as many as 600 aircraft on race day. Photo courtesy Woody Harrington

Rick Hendrick’s Jet

Rick Hendrick’s Gulfstream V Jet The Gulfstream V is the Rolls Royce of private jets, and that’s the jet that Rick Hendrick owns. In fact it’s powered by two Rolls Royce BR710 jet engines that produce 15,365 lb/ft of thrust each. That’s enough to propel this jet to a maximum speed of 0.850 Mach, or [...]

N1JM Learjet Jamie McMurray

Learjet 31A Corporate Jet: N1JM N1JM is a 2000 Learjet 31A owned by Jamie McMurray. It’s registered to his company JM 500 LLC in Salisbury, North Carolina. The red tail and striping give this Learjet a unique look. The Learjet 31A is one of the most popular planes in the NASCAR Air Force. Kevin Harvick [...]

Photo of Kevin Harvick’s Learjet

Kevin and Delana Harvick’s Learjet 31 Kevin and Delana Harvick’s 1997 Learjet 31A rolls down the taxiway at Jackson County Airport in Michigan. Get all the details on this jet. Photo courtesy Woody Harrington