Michael Waltrip’s Beechcraft King Air 300

Beechcraft King Air 300

Beechcraft King Air 300

The King Air is an extremely popular twin engine aircraft originally built by Beechcraft, which was later acquired by Raytheon Corporation.

The B300, which Michael Waltrip owns, began production In 1988 as a successor to the B200. This plane is a turbo-prop, which means it is a jet engine with a propeller.

The plane can be flown by a single pilot, and seats up to 9 passengers, although typical seating is for 4. It has 4 club seats facing each other mid-cabin. Just behind the cockpit is a side-sitting divan which will seat 3 passengers. In a pinch, one additional passenger can sit in the co-pilot’s seat with a crew of 1, and in the event one more seat is needed one more lucky passenger can ride on a cushion on top of the rear lavatory. Remember, the ideal seating is for 4.

This plane can cruise at a comfortable 315 mph. It has a pressurized cabin which provides passenger comfort while allowing the plane to fly at higher altitudes to avoid weather systems.

With a range of just over 2,000 miles this plane can fly cross-country with just one fuel stop. Most flights will be non-stop.

It’s easy to see why Waltrip chose a Beech 300 for his private plane. It’s is more economical to operate than a jet, yet on most short haul flights of 1000 miles or less the flight time difference will be small.

This is an extremely versatile aircraft that it’s owners love.

Photo courtesy Bill Shull.

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