Cessna Citation III N119ES

Cessna Citation III jet

N119ES is Elliott Sadler’s Jet

It’s a 1990 Cessna Citation III Turbo-fan jet registered to Elliott Sadler Enterprises in Emporia, Virginia. The airplane is shown here preparing to depart Michigan’s Jackson County Airport following the NASCAR race.

This jet was once the executive jet for First Tennessee Bank before Sadler acquired it in February 2007 and pressed it into service as a commuter jet for weekly transportation to NASCAR events.

The Citation III is a small corporate jet that normally seats six passengers, plus a crew of two.

The Citation III has a cruise speed of 544 mph.

Its range is 2,345 miles before the jet needs to land and take on more Jet A fuel.

That means it get passengers quickly across country quickly. The plane can fly non-stop on all but the longest trans-continental and international flights.

The jet is powered by twin Garrett TFI 731 series jet engines.

Manufacturer’s serial number is 650-0206.

The Citation III can fly at a maximum ceiling of 51,000 feet – well above the commercial airline traffic lanes, and over most weather systems.

It can reach that altitude quickly. This jet climbs at a rate of 3,700 feet per minute.

Want to but a Citation III? This jet normally sells for $3 to $4 million on the open market, depending on the number of hours and cycles on the plane, and the cabin amenities.

Photo courtesy Woody Harrington



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