Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet

Eclipse 500 Jet Piloted by Mark Martin

Eclipse 500 Jet

Looks like Mark Martin has a new jet. Martin was seen piloting this Eclipse 500 himself as it was arriving at Lenawee County Airport in Michigan.

He previously had a Cessna Citation CJ2 with the FAA registration of N6M. It looks like he has gone with N500MM for the Eclipse. I guess that way he doesn’t have to change his plane number every time he changes his car number.

The Eclipse 500 is a Very Light Jet – one of the newer, smaller business jets designed for personal travel. It’s about 14’ shorter than the Citation it replaced.

While the Eclipse 500 may not carry as many passengers as the Citation, it is more versatile, being able to land at shorter fields in smaller cities than the larger jet.

These smaller jets are also more easily maneuverable once on the ground, requiring smaller hangars and less parking space.

Overall length on the Eclipse is 33.f ft., with a wingspan of 37.9 ft. It stands just 11 ft. tall.

This jet is powered by a pair of Pratt and Whitney PW610F turbofan engines which produce 900 lb/ft of thrust each. These engines were designed just for this aircraft. The medium bypass turbofans help to make this one of the world’s quietest private jets. The Eclipse 500 comes in at 40 db below stage 4 noise requirements for this class of aircraft.

With room for 6 people including the crew this jet is perfect the racer or executive who wants to pilot their own jet, or those who normally fly with just a few passengers.

Maximum cruising speed for this jet is 425 mph. Maximum operating ceiling is 41,000 feet. An Eclipse 500 can fly up to 1,496 miles without refueling.

Fuel is stored in the wings of the aircraft, with 2 fuel tanks located on the wingtips. This improves safety by keeping jet fuel away from the cabin.

According to Eclipse Aviation, this jet is designed to operate for up to 2,000 hours per year without needing a high level of maintenance. This airplane utilizes state of the art components instead of older technology in order to minimize maintenance costs.

Want to own an Eclipse 500? This jet typically sells for around $1.8 million depending on availability and delivery dates.

Photo Courtesy Charlie Alvarez

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