The Google Jet

The Google Jet — A Boeing 767 Private Jet

Google Boeing 767

When you hear the term ‘private jet’ a Boeing 767 is not what comes to mind for most people – but apparently that is exactly what Larry Page and Sergey Brin – the founders of Google – had in mind when they set out to buy a new aircraft.

At first glance this airplane looks like a typical airline jet, but a closer look shows custom paint and a distinct lack of corporate logos. The Google jet carries the FAA registration number of N2767 on its tail.

The Boeing 767 is a wide-body jet that is flown by major airlines all over the world. It typically holds 180 passengers and their luggage. Delta Air Lines operates over 100 767s.

But the Google jet is not your typical airliner. It has a custom cabin outfitted by Gore Design Completions Ltd. Of San Antonio, TX that few have seen – but according to Mr. Page the 767 is configured to carry approximately 50 passengers. One reason may be the tighter FAA regulations for aircraft carrying larger groups of people.

At today’s prices for Jet A fuel the Boeing 767-200 costs about $16,000 per hour to operate when you factor in the cost of a Captain and crew.

According to one insider the jet has two private staterooms, a dining room, a private seating area, and several rows of airliner-like first class seats – but at the rear of the plane.

This aircraft is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4E turbo-fan jet engines producing 48,000 lbs. of thrust each.

The Boeing 767-200 cruises at 767 mph, and is capable of flying at altitudes of up to 43,000 feet.

Wingspan on this jet is 156 ft., 1 in. and overall length is 159 ft., 2 in.

A crew of two can fly this Boeing 767-200, but there is a 3rd seat in the cockpit for an optional third crewmember to assist the Captain and co-pilot on long flights.

Google’s private jet was previously part of the Qantas Airlines fleet – before being purchased by the pair of Google founders and converted into the ultimate corporate jet. The plane was originally manufactured by Boeing in 1987, and has been used in regular airline service until Mr. Brin and Mr. Page acquired it in 2005.

If you’ve ever flown on Qantas Airlines you may have flown on this jet before.

According to FAA records, the jet is officially registered to Blue City Holdings – It’s pretty typical for corporate jets to be registered to a separate company to deflect any liability away from the parent company in the event of a lawsuit.

NASA recently granted landing and hangar rights for the plane at Moffett Federal Airfield, a joint civil-military airport which was once a Naval Air Station, and which is now owned by the NASA Ames Research Center. Use of the facility, which is convenient to Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, costs the Google guys $1.3 million a year.

This jet typically sells for $15 to $20 million on the used aircraft market – and the pair likely spent at least $10 million on renovations to convert the former airliner to a private jet.

Photo courtesy Ben Wang.

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