Gulfstream G150 Executive Jet Owned by Jimmie Johnson

Gulfsteram G150 Corporate Jet

Gulfstream G150 corporate jet

The Gulfstream G150 jet has a normal cruise speed of .8 mach, or about 608 mph, with a maximum cruise speed of 647 mph. The Gulfstream G150 seats 6-8 passengers.

With a range of 2,954 nautical miles this jet can fly non-stop from New York to Los Angeles in 5 hours, 44 minutes.

According to Gulfstream the G150 jet operates at a maximum cruise altitude of 45,000 feet. Allowing this executive jet to operate above most weather systems and avoid commercial airline traffic lanes for a smoother, faster flight.

The high speed jet has a wide oval shaped cabin measuring 5’9” X 5’9”, and spanning over 17’ that gives passengers more room and comfort on long flights.

Overall length on the Gulfstream G150 is 56’9”, height is 19’1’, and the aircraft has a wingspan of 55’7”.

Twin Honeywell TFE 731-40AR-200G turbofan engines power this jet, producing 4,420 pounds of thrust each.

With its wide cabin, the G150 sports a roomy and comfortable seating configuration. 4 club seats sit at the rear, facing each other. Just in front of that, on the right side of the jet, are 2 more seats also facing each other, with a small fold-out table in between. On the left is an inward facing divan.

The G150 has excellent takeoff performance with a minimum takeoff distance of 5,000 feet. This allows the airplane to depart from shorter airfields avoiding the traffic and congestion of major airports.

With Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Avionics the Gulfstream G150 gives pilots the information they need on four large LCD displays that can be quickly scanned for vital aircraft operating information.

Standard avionics on this jet include:

• DME – Dual DME-4000

• Radio tuning – via display control panel or fms

• HF communication – single system

• ATC transponder – dual tdr-94d (includes flight id)

• Radio altimeter – single alt – 4000

• TCAS – TCAS 4000

• Flight management – dual fms-6100 (includes v speed & performance)

• Cockpit voice recorder – CVR -120

• CCD – cursor control device

• EGPWS – Honeywell Mark V (includes windshear detection)

• Cockpit audio – Collins digital (includes aural warnings & voice messages)

• Selcal- Collins (integrated with digital audio)

• Standby instruments – 3-in-1 electronic

• ELT – Artex

• Clock – dual digital

• 1,000 va 60 hz inverter

• Tail logo lights – flush style

• Pulselight system

The G150 comes from Gulfstream fitted with a galley that can serve fine food to passengers while in flight.

A lavatory with sliding door is located at the rear of the aircraft. It’s equipped with a vanity with a small sink, mirror, toilet and a small closet.

Photo courtesy Daniel Compton.

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