Kevin and Delana Harvick’s Learjet

Learjet 31A Executive Jet

Kevin Harvick's Learjet 31A

This photo was taken on the tarmac at Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Arizona.

A 1997 Learjet 31A by Bombardier Aerospace. This Learjet is a smart choice for private air charter services and fractional owner aircraft fleets alike. As well as corporate executives who need the convenience of flying on a private charter jet.

This 7 passenger private jet powered by two Allied Signal CFE-738 Series Turbo-Jet engines.

If you own a Learjet you can fly anywhere you want, anytime you want to fly.

Kevin and Delana fly on their private Learjet to all major NASCAR races as well as sponsorship appearances and other business.

This Learjet is a popular choice among private jet charter firms and executive jet fleets.

Cruising altitude for this Learjet is 45,000 feet, but it can cruise up to 51,000 feet to avoid weather and minimize fuel consumption.

Standard avionic equipment on a 31A are Honeywell digital avionics with KFC 3100 autopilot system including EFIS 50 flight instrumentation.

Up to six people can fly comfortably, and possibly 1 additional passenger if room permits. 4 club seats are positioned mid-cabin and face each other with a fold down table between. This provides a great work area to maximize your productivity in flight, or just relax and socialize with your passengers.

The cabin is small, but not too tightly cramped. Cabin height is just over 4 feet, and width is almost 5 feet. Rusty Wallace and Denny Hamlin also own Learjet 31A’s. Their 3 Learjets were spotted together in New Hampshire.

Anyone who needs jet service to remote airports should consider a Learjet 31. The plane can take off from more airports than most commercial aircraft, making this an extremely versatile jet.

Photo courtesy John Meneely.

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  1. Kevin…congrats on your big win I’ve been behind you since 1997before you drove car number 31 or should I say before you flew your Lear jet? I know you can take it all the way I have confidence in you just keep driving fast and flying high and doing the best you can and you will always be a winner


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