Jeff Gordon’s British Aerospace Hawker

Jeff Gordon’s Hawker 800 Private Jet

British Aerospace Hawker jet

Jeff Gordon’s British Aerospace Hawker 800 on final approach to Scottsdale Municipal Airport in Arizona.

What a way to fly!

This airport has some of the best scenery in the country – with the Arizona mountains as a backdrop. The air field serves only general aviation aircraft like this private jet and other small aircraft – no commercial or commuter service is available, but if you want to charter an airplane through NetJets or another jet charter service you can fly in or out of this small airport.

A British Aerospace BAE-125-800 executive class business jet that’s also Known as a Hawker 800, this private airplane is used by many jet charter services and corporations for executive flights.

The British Aerospace 125 jet is the world’s best selling mid-sized jet. NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon owns a Hawker 800. This airplane typically seats 8 passengers in a standard corporate seating configuration, but can accommodate up top 13 people plus crew.

This is not a trans-continental jet, but it can fly nonstop from Denver to New York.

The Hawker 800 has a range of up to 2300 nautical miles, and can fly at a cruising speed of 455 knots. It can take off on a runway as short as 3,600 feet.

If you’re planning on buying a Hawker 800 expect to pay $12,000,000 for a jet in average condition.

This jet must work perfectly for Gordon, as most flights on his racing schedule are less than 1,000 miles. This private aircraft can transport a small group of people quickly, efficiently, and in style.

In 1993 British Aerospace was acquired by Raytheon, a major US defense contractor. The aerospace division builds versatile and popular corporate and private jets year after year.

This jet has a wingspan of 54 feet, and an overall length of 52 feet. It’s powered by twin Honeywell engines that produce 4,600 pounds of thrust at takeoff.

This jet can fly at a maximum ceiling of 41,000 feet. It climbs to the maximum service ceiling at a rate of 3,347 feet per minute. The Hawker 800 burns 240 gallons of jet fuel per hour. At $4.00 per gallon that costs $960 per hour in fuel alone. The baggage capacity on this jet is 50 cubic feet, or about 6 to 8 suitcases. Gordon’s Hawker 800 carries the tail number N24JG, referencing his car number.

Photo courtesy Tim Lachenmaier.

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