Mark Martin’s Cessna

Cessna Citation 525 Executive Jet

N6M Cessna Citation CJ+ 525

Mark Martin’s Cessna CJ2+ 525 Private Jet.

This Cessna Citation was piloted by Mark Martin for a while. Now the registration shows it has gone back to Cessna.

Martin has been spotted in an Eclipse 500 very light jet.

The Cessna Citation CJ2+ 525 is a small business-class jet that typically seats 6 passengers. This jet is popular among fractional owners and jet charter firms.

This plane typically sells for around $2,500,000. The Citation is a favorite among aircraft fractional owners and jet cards.

4 club seats face each other in the center of this airplane, with a side seating sofa near the front of the plane just behind the cockpit.

It has a maximum cruise speed of 418 knots, and a maximum airspeed of 481 mph. That is 40 percent faster than a King Air B200 for about the same price. and is certified to fly at a maximum ceiling of 45,000 feet, which allows this plane to fly above inclement weather.

The takeoff distance is 3,360 ft and landing distance is 2,980, making this plane extremely versatile, and capable of landing at many smaller airports, reducing commuting time.

The airplane has a wingspan of 49′ 10″. Overall height is 14′, and length is 47′ 8″.

The maximum takeoff weight of this jet is 12,500 pounds. However, typical basic operating weight is 7,925 pounds.

The Citation can be flown by a single pilot, making it popular among private pilots who fly their own planes.

Photo courtesy John Meneely as the aircraft sits at Phoenix Goodyear Airport in Arizona.

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