N1JM Learjet Jamie McMurray

Learjet 31A Corporate Jet: N1JM

N1JM is a 2000 Learjet 31A owned by Jamie McMurray.

It’s registered to his company JM 500 LLC in Salisbury, North Carolina.

The red tail and striping give this Learjet a unique look.

The Learjet 31A is one of the most popular planes in the NASCAR Air Force. Kevin Harvick has one, along with Denny Hamlin.

The manufacturer’s serial number on this aircraft is 196. It’s powered by a pair of Allied signal turbo-fan jet engines.

This jet seats 6 passengers in the cabin comfortably in a corporate configuration, although up to 8 can fly if you don’t mind being packed in like sardines.

A crew of 2 sits in the cockpit – but this jet can be flown by a single pilot, leaving room for one additional passenger in the co-pilot’s seat if needed.

The Learjet 31A has a cruise speed of 506 mph – and it can accelerate to a maximum speed of 529 mph. It can fly at altitudes of up to 51,000 feet – allowing the plane to avoid weather systems that might ground a King Air turbo-prop.

These jets usually sell for around $4 million on the used aircraft market, depending on the number of hours on the plane, and whether it needs any major service performed.

Photo courtesy Woody Harrington

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