NetJets Marquis Jet Card

Buy Time on a Private Jet

Want to fly to any airport in any city on your own private jet? NetJets can make it happen — for a fraction of the cost you might think!

You see, NetJets is the original fractional ownership aircraft company that allows you to pay for only the time you use your private jet.

In fact with the new NetJets Marquis Jet Card you can book time on a private jet 25 hours at a time.

NetJets CEO Richard Santulli founded NetJets, originally called Executive Jet, Inc., in 1986 based upon his own needs as a prospective business jet purchaser. Mr. Santulli decided that the traditional financial aspect of purchasing a business jet didn’t make sense. After all, you were paying lots of money for the jet to sit in a hangar much of the time. That’s when the idea of fractional jet ownership occurred to him, and a new industry was born. Fractional ownership of a jet did not exist before Santulli created it — and the company has been so successful that it was acquired by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in 1998.

NetJets is the industry leader in Jet Cards and fractional aircraft ownership.

Simply put, they have the largest fleet with more flights, more customers, more experience and more aircraft types than any competitor. NetJets also has impeccable safety standards.

Operating more than 370,000 flights annually, to more than 150 countries, NetJets is the clear industry leader.

With a Marquis Jet Card you can buy as little as 25 hours of flight time per year for one low price, and have access to a private jet when you need it.

So how much does a NetJets Marquis Card cost? A lot less than you might think, especially when compared to the cost of flying a small group of people on a business class airline flight.

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