RCR’s Super King Air 200

King Air Is Ultimate Jet Alternative

This 1981 Beechcraft 200 Super King Air is part of the Richard Childress Racing fleet of aircraft.

This plane is a great choice for race teams who need to transport small groups over relatively short distances quickly.

The flight time difference between a Beechcraft 200 and a Cessna Citation jet would be fairly small on a 600 mile flight, but the cost of operating the turbo-prop powered Beechcraft would be much less than the jet.

While the Beechcraft might not be the best choice for west coast runs from Charlotte to California Speedway or Las Vegas, it’s well suited for short hops to Richmond, Talladega, Atlanta and Daytona.

This plane is registered to RCR Air, LLC at 1307 Aviation Way, Lexington, North Carolina. They’ve owned the plane since 1997.

With over 1500 units in service today, this airplane is the best selling and most popular turbo-prop aircraft in the world.

The Beech 200 is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PT6A 42 turbo-prop engines which produce 850 HP each.

This airplane has a cruising speed of 320 MPH, and can achieve a top speed of 333 MPH.

It has a range of up to 1,887 nautical miles before needing refueling.

Depending on the cabin configuration the 200 can seat 8 to 12 passengers, plus a crew of 2. However, that’s a crowd on board this aircraft. Typical corporate seating arrangements will give comfortable seating for 6.

The King Air 200 is easily recognizable in the skies with it’s distinctive high-mounted T Tail.

The Beechcraft 200 can be flown with a crew of only 1 pilot, however many operators choose to fly with the services of a co-pilot. When no co-pilot is on board an additional passenger can be seated in the flight deck.

The King Air 200 was first introduced to the market in 1980. This RCR plane was manufactured in 1981.

Similar aircraft typically sell for $1,200,000 to $1,900,000 depending on the overall flight time and level of maintenance.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Sandell of NascarDevos.com

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