An airplane fit for “The King.”

Israel Aircraft Industries 1124 Westwind 1

Richard Petty's Westwind jet

Richard Petty owns this IAI 1124 Westwind 1 corporate jet, but if you see the jet you’ll know that. TheFAA registration number on this airplane is N43RP. The logo on the tail identifies this aircraft as well.

Here’s the jet sitting on the ramp at Daytona Beach International Airport in Florida.

The 1124 Westwind 1 is a light business class private jet that seats up to 10 passengers, plus a crew of 2. This private jet is manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries.

The Westwind 1 has a maximum speed of 544 mph, and can fly 2,770 miles without refueling. The fast speed of this jet, combined with its trans-continental range makes it an ideal aircraft for busy executives needing to travel quickly across country.

While this jet can carry up to 10 passengers, typical corporate configuration on this aircraft is 7 passengers.

The airplane is capable of flying at ceilings of up to 45,000 feet – allowing it to easily navigate over weather systems.

The Westwind 1 has a wingspan of 44 ft., 5 in. Overall length on the aircraft is 52 ft., 3 in, and its height is 15 ft., 10 in.

Petty’s jet is powered by twin Garrett TFE 731 SER turbo-fan jet engines. That’s the same engine used on the Learjet 35. The engines combine low noise and fuel-efficiency, making them a great choice for private jets flying into remote locations.

Photo courtesy Daniel Compton.

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