Rick Hendrick’s Jet

Rick Hendrick’s Gulfstream V Jet

Rick Hendrick's Gulfstream jet

The Gulfstream V is the Rolls Royce of private jets, and that’s the jet that Rick Hendrick owns.

In fact it’s powered by two Rolls Royce BR710 jet engines that produce 15,365 lb/ft of thrust each. That’s enough to propel this jet to a maximum speed of 0.850 Mach, or 85% of the speed of sound.

This Gulfstream jet is registered to Hendrick Motorsports at 4400 Papa Joe Hendrick Blvd., Charlotte, North Carolina.

It’s Gulfstream serial No. 558 according to FAA records.

The Gulfstream V is a large private jet that seats 14 to 19 passengers depending in the seating configuration used.

It’s flown by a crew of two, with accommodations for up to two flight attendants.

This jet is over 93 feet long – that’s about twice as long as Kevin Harvick’s Learjet.

The Gulfstream V is a long range jet.

The Gulfstream V is a true global jet that can fly 5,800 miles without refueling. That’s enough to fly from Daytona to California and most of the way back without refueling. In fact, this jet can easily fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

One disadvantage of the Gulfstream V is that it requires 5,150 feet of runway to take off. That means it cannot fly into many smaller airports like Tara Field which sits directly next to Atlanta Motor Speedway and is only 4,503 feet long.

The 6 ft. 2 in. cabin is over 50 ft. long with 4 separate seating areas and 3 temperature zones.

The cockpit of the Gulfstream V rivals a commercial airliner with advanced Honeywell Primus Epic avionics and 4 LCD displays.

The Gulfstream V is so advanced that it can fly itself. It’s equipped with an AEDS mode which takes control of the plane at high altitudes in the event the plane depressurizes. The AEDS takes control of the jet and turns the aircraft as it descends to 15,000 feet and slows to 250 knots. As the plane reaches lower altitudes crew would regain control of the airplane.

The airplane is equipped with a full galley for meal service and a luxurious lavatory.

The price for Gulfstream V jets on the market today range from $46 to $51 million.

Photo courtesy Woody Harrington

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