Teresa Earnhardt’s Learjet 31

N1DE Learjet 31

Learjet 31 N1DE

Teresa Earnhardt’s Learjet 31 taxis at Daytona Beach International Airport.

It’s hard to go wrong when you choose a Learjet 31 as your private jet. Teresa Earnhardt flies in this 1990 Lear 31.

Like most executive jet owners she owns the jet through a separate corporation. This Learjet is registered to Champion Air, LLC, located at 1675 Coddle Creek Highway, Mooresville, NC – which also happens to be the address for Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

This jet carries the FAA registration number N1DE on its tail. It’s like getting a vanity plate for your car – only from the FAA. The number 1 signifies the first car that Dale Earnhardt fielded as a NASCAR team owner – and D E for Dale Earnhardt.

It’s not the biggest plane on the NASCAR circuit, but this airplane is definitely quick and versatile.

This Learjet 31 is a fast jet capable of transporting up to 8 passengers plus crew at speeds up to 529 mph. However, it’s a cramped ride with 8 on board. Depending on the seating configuration 4 to 6 passengers would typically be the maximum for a comfortable flight.

With a high service ceiling of 51,000 feet the Learjet 31 can climb above most weather systems and avoid the high-traffic commercial jet zones.

This jet is popular with business executives and aircraft charter firms alike. You can charter a Learjet 31 from companies like NetJets, Sentient or Skyline Jets – or you can write a check for $2 to 3 million and own your own jet.

Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick also own Learjet 31′s.

Dale Earnhardt always preferred Learjets, and apparently that wasn’t lost on his son. Dale Jr owns a larger Lear 60. Could Teresa afford to upgrade to a 60? Most likely she could. But a bigger jet doesn’t always make more sense. Sure, you can haul more people, and have more room on a bigger jet. But the smaller Learjet 31 has shorter takeoff and landing requirements, making it suitable for smaller airports. It also flies on less fuel

With a small jet it makes it easier to say no to requests for extra passengers, too.

Photo courtesy Daniel Compton.

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