Tony Stewart’s Cessna Citation Bravo

N500TS Cessna Citation Bravo 550

Cessna Citation Bravo 550

The Citation Bravo is a 7 passenger business jet that can be flown with a single pilot. The Citation is a highly versatile corporate jet that can land at smaller airports than many private jets. If you get a jet card or opt for aircraft fractional ownership this airplane is a great choice.

The Cessna Citation is a highly versatile light business jet that is capable of short-field takeoffs making it well suited for more airports than it’s larger counterparts.

A Cessna Bravo jet can cruise at a maximum airspeed of 402 nautical miles per hour. It is certified to fly at a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

This airplane is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney PW 530A Turbo-Jet engines that produce 2,877 pounds of thrust at takeoff.

The jet’s cabin is fairly roomy for a small jet, but not big enough for most adults to stand up in. The cabin height is just over 4.5 feet.

The Citation Bravo’s avionics are simple and straightforward. In fact, the U.S. FAA has approved the Bravo for single pilot operation, which makes this plane popular for pilots who fly their own planes.

The Bravo’s power and fuel management are actually simpler than many turbo-prop planes, with no engine feathering needed. The Bravo is controlled using Honeywell 1000 avionics.

As with all aircraft the range is determined by payload, but with 4 passengers the Cessna Citation Bravo can fly 1,600 miles non-stop. The Bravo has more than twice the luggage capacity of a Beechcraft King Air.

Photo courtesy Peter Jones at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.

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