Video of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s LearJet

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Learjet on Video

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Lear 60 climbs quickly skyward after takeoff from Tara Field at Clayton County Airport near Atlanta Motor Speedway.

This jet is fast! Notice how quickly it rolls down the runway, and how fast it gains altitude. That’s because this corporate jet is powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney PW 300 turbofan jet engines that produce 5,200 lbs. of thrust each.

N8JR is a 1996 Learjet 60. A jet like this normally sells for $6 to $7 million on the used aircraft market.

The airplane still carries the N8JR tail number. Many people thought it would have been changed, but that is one No. 8 that Teresa doesn’t own.

Photos and details of N8JR

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